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Lesson Transcript

Hey, guys! Boom! Risa here. Welcome to the Ask Risa video series where you ask questions and I answer them, peep.
これ静電気を取るちっさいマシンで (“This is a small machine for static elimination.”)
電気があるとここがピカッと光ります。光る。 (“It flashes here when it detects static electricity.”)
雷のマークが出ます。(“I mean a thunderbolt appears here.”)
今電気はないみたいです。(“Seems like it doesn’t detect electricity for now.”)
Okay! Let’s check out the questions we have for this week.
Thank you カイルさん!
どっちだったら、 A か B かどちらかなので、広く聞きたい時は、(“means which, just “A or B”. But when you want to ask generally,”)
“you’d say” どこの外国に行ったことがありますか。(“Which countries have you been to?”)
はい。そうですね。(“Ok, let me see…”)
(“I have been to Australia for my first foreign travel,”)
その後にニュージーランド、(“Then to New Zealand.”)
(“And Spain, France and Czech during my stay in England for study.”)
(“Well… I’ve also been to Singapore for about 2 hours to transfer flights…”)
くらいですかね。(“that’s all.”)
行きたいところ本当にいっぱいあるんで、(“There’s a lot of places I want to go.”)
(“I haven’t been there yet. I wonder if I can! I really want!”)
James B. さんからです。
James B., James Brown? James B. Hi James B.-san! Thank you.
What is hardest Japanese tongue twisters?
一番有名なのは、(“The most famous is”)
生麦生米生卵。(“raw wheat, raw rice and raw eggs”)
これは結構簡単なので、言ってみて下さい。(“but not that difficult. Let’s say it together”)
生麦生米生卵。(“raw wheat, raw rice and raw eggs”)
難しいのだと、例えば、(“The harder one is, for example,”)
隣の客はよく柿食う客だとか、(“the visitor to me is the one who eats a lot of persimmons”,)
東京特許許可局局長... (“the chief of Tokyo patent permit Office”.)
あっ!言えた!いつも言えないのに。(“Oh, I made it! I never did it.”)
新春シャンソンショー ”New Year’s shanson show.”
難しいです。言えるかなぁ? (“They are difficult. Can you say them?”)
Hi Rina-san! Thank you.
Your channel teaches everyone useful words, phrases, Kanji and Hiragana, and I absolutely love it! But I was asking myself a lot lately, are you going to make special videos for Katakana? Thank you for your answers!
Thank you! Actually, we made the Katakana videos the same time as the Hiragana videos. They’re in the JapanesePod101.com website. You can check it out anytime. Just click the link below. Thank you!
Hi Justin! Thank you!
If you could meet anyone in history who would it be?
Hmm, it’s a good question.
誰に会いたいかな〜 (“Who would it be?”)
でも今思いつくのはチェゲバラ。チェゲバラとか、(“Now those who come to my mind are Che Guevara,”)
後、ジャンヌダルクとか、(“Joan of Arc…”)
クレオパトラも会ってみたいし。(“and Cleopatra.”)
そう考えるといっぱいいるけど。(“Well...thinking of it, I want to see many people.”)
(“Who would it be for you, everyone? I’ll ask you back.”)
That’s all for this episode. Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions. Thank you very much.
And if you want to ask me a question, just click here or on the link in the video description. Stay tuned for the next lesson, Ask Risa series. Thank you very much! Bye-bye!