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Lesson Transcript

Hey, guys! Risa here. Welcome to the Ask Risa video series where you ask questions and I answer them. Okay, let's check out the questions we have for this week!
Konnichiwa, I have mastered Hiragana and katakana and kanji radicals, but I don't know enough words in Japanese. What should I do? Arigato gozaimasu.
You could also check out the flashcard builder on the JapanesePod101.com to build up your vocabulary and study little by little each day. I think it will also be available on the IL101 app soon.
How to get better at reading Japanese, no matter how hard I try when I try to read a passage to the class, I keep stopping at the middle, any way to read out loud fluently?
その気持ちよくわかります! 本当に私も英語読んでいると結構あのスムーズに読めなくてちょっとイライラしちゃうこととかあるんですけど、でも、やっぱり上達する秘訣はうまく喋ろうとしない方がいいのかなと思います。
うまく完璧に喋ろうとするとなんか本当に詰まりやすくなっちゃうので、ま、間違えてもいいからぐらいの感じで気軽に呼んだ方が割とスラスラと読めるかなと思います。後は、後は、日本語を喋ることになれるっていう意味で そのドラマとか映画の喋ってるのを聞いてそれを真似する練習がいいかなと思いますよ。
Diego Gala さんからの質問です 。
Hi, Risa! I'm Diego from the Philippines. I want to know what pick-up lines work for Japanese women or what to say when I approach a random Japanese girl that I found beautiful. Thank you very much! Wow.
そうですね。ディエゴさん。気持ちはよくわかるんですけど、 多分ランダムに行くと失敗する可能性は高いと思います。
Good luck!
To help you with the pick-up lines, we actually have some listed in this love and romance cheat sheet. You could download it from the link below. Try them out at your own risk of course.
And that's it! Thank you everyone for submitting your questions. Remember if you want to ask me a question, just click on the link in the video description. See you next time for the next Ask Risa. またね。Bye.