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Lesson Transcript

Risa: Hi everyone, today we are going to be doing top 25 adjectives. Let’s go
1. 多い(ōi) many, numerous.
There is many people in the subway especially in the Tokyo. Tokyo.
2. 安い(yasui) cheap.
You can buy cheap clothes on New Year’s Day because usually they have big sale.
3. 暑い(atsui) hot
Summer in here, in Japan, it’s extremely hot. Oh my god! It’s so hot, I need a water.
4. 長い(nagai) long
長い(nagai) Long story. Principal usually talk very, very long time. Sometimes it’s boring and it makes me sleepy.
5. 早い(hayai) fast, early
早い(hayai) 早い(hayai) Men usually eat very fast. Men eat like シュシュシュシュ(shushushushu) . Women...yeah I knew it very well.… .
6. 好き(suki) Like,
like mine
7. 同じ(onaji) same. Same, same, same, same, same, same, same. Same, same, same, same, same 同じ(onaji) same. I am wearing the same coat every day.
8. 少ない(sukunai) few, scarce.
On New Years, there is fewer people in Tokyo. I need a few thing and you’ve got the few things.
9. 必要(hitsuyou) necessary.
I need you, I need you. I need you. I need you, I need you more and more each day.
10. 上手い(umai) skilled.
My mom cooks really well, well. 料理が上手い。(Ryōri ga umai.)
11. 旨い(umai) Delicious.
The Japanese noodles are delicious.
12. すごい(sugoi) cool
すごいのは、何があるー、いっぱいあるー(sugoi no wa, nani ga arū, ippai arū) cool. Yeah
13. 近い(chikai) close
近い(chikai) close. He sits really close to me. Squeeze! Oops!
14. 難しい(muzukashii) difficult.
Your question is really difficult, let me think. 難しい(muzukashii)
15. いい(ii) good,
You have a good sense. I had a good day.
16. 小さい(chiisai) small
小さいのは、何があるのかなー。(chiisaī no wa, nani ga aru no ka nā.) 小さい(chiisai) Fancy chocolate is usually small, don’t you think so and it’s expensive.
17. 新しい(atarashii) new,
I bought a new coat for this winter. It’s warm, I like it.
18. 悪い(warui) bad.
You had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around.
19. 大きい(ōkii) big,
big boys 大きい(ōkii) big.
20. 冷たい(tsumetai) Cold.
In winter, tap water is usually very cold. Ouch! Freezing.
21. おいしい(oishii) delicious.
I had a delicious dinner yesterday. アボガドグラタン(abogadoguratan )
22. 高い(takai) tall, high.
高い(takai) far
23. 遠い、 近い?(Tōi Chikai?) 遠い!(Tōi!)
24. 短い(mijikai) short,
short hair 見える、ショートヘアに?(Mieru, shōtohea ni? ) short and long.
25. 楽しい(tanoshii) fun,
Let’s have fun.
Thank you for watching and enjoy your – thank you for watching. Enjoy learning Japanese. Bye bye. I like the way you move, da da…I like to move it move it 踊りが好き好き(odori ga suki suki)