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Lesson Transcript

危ない! (Abunai!) “Oops!”
Hi, everyone! Welcome to Japanese Top Words. Today’s theme is top 10 phrases you’ll need for a date. Haha!
1. 一緒にご飯食べに行かない? (issho ni tabeni ikanai?) “Would you like to go out to dinner with me?”
明日の夜、暇だったら一緒にご飯食べに行かない? (Asu no yoru, hima dattara issho ni gohan tabeni ikanai?) “Would you like to go out to dinner with me?”
2. どこか他のところに行こうか。 (dokoka hokano tokoro ni ikō ka?) “Shall we go somewhere else?”
ここはうるさいから、どこか他のところにいこうか? (Koko wa urusai kara, dokoka hokano tokoro ni ikō ka?) “It's noisy here, so shall we go somewhere else?”
3. 一緒にブラブラしない? (issho ni bura-bura shinai?) “Would you like to hang out with me?”
新宿の辺りで一緒にブラブラしない? (Shinjuku no atari de issho ni burabura shinai?) “Would you like to hang out with me around Shinjuku?”
4. とってもかわいいね。 (Tottemo kawaii ne.) “You are so cute.”
目が大きくて、とってもかわいいね。 (Me ga ōkikute, tottemo kawaii ne.) “You have big eyes and are so cute.”
5. 素敵だよ。 (Suteki da yo.) “You look great.”
その新しいコート、とっても素敵だよ。 (Sono atarashī kōto, tottemo suteki da yo.) “You look great with that coat.”
6. 素晴らしい夜だった。 (Subarashii yoru datta.) “That was a great evening.”
昨日は素晴らしい夜だった。 (Kinō wa subarashii yoru datta.) “We had a great evening yesterday.”
7. 電話するよ。 (Denwa suru yo.) “I'll call you.”
明日、電話するよ。 (Ashita, denwa suru yo.) “I'll call you up tomorrow.”
8. 家まで送っていくよ。 (Le made okutte iku yo.) “I will drive you home.”
もう遅いから、家まで送っていくよ。 (Mō osoi kara, ie made okutte iku yo.) “It's late, so I will drive you home.”
9. 明日何時に会おうか。 (Ashita nanji ni aō ka.) “What time shall we meet tomorrow?”
それじゃ、明日何時に会おうか。 (Soreja, ashita nanji ni aou ka.) “So what time shall we meet tomorrow then?”
10. また会えるかな? (Mata aeru kana?) “Can I see you again?”
来週、また会えるかな? (Raishū, mata aeru kana?) “Can I see you again next week?”
Okay, that’s all for today. Thank you for watching. Today’s theme was top 10 phrases you need for a date. Enjoy your love life! Bye!