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Lesson Transcript

Hey guys it’s Risa. Today I am going to teach you five phrases that make you sound like a pro.
1. 確かに(tashika ni) true, indeed
確かに(tashika ni) 確かに(tashika ni) 確かに(tashika ni) true, indeed.
2. 適当に(tekitō ni) halfheartedly, without much care.
適当に。(Tekitō ni.)あ、適当に。(A, tekitō ni.) あ、いいよ、いいよ、なんか適当に。(A, ii yo, ii yo, nan ka tekitō ni.)
3. とりあえず(toriaezu) In the meantime, for now
とりあえず、行こうか。(Toriaezu, ikō ka.)とりあえず(toriaezu) means like anyway.
4. そういえば (sō ie ba) speaking of which. Now that you mentioned it.
そういえば(sō ie ba) When you remember something, そういやあ (sō iyā) ああ、そういえば。(Ā, sō ie ba.) あ、そういえば、買い物行かなくちゃ。(A, sō ie ba, kaimono ika nakucha.)
5. 了解です(ryōkai desu) roger
了解です(ryōkai desu) roger. Now is your Japanese like a pro, yeay!
じゃあ、また。(Jā, mata. ) 日本語の勉強、頑張ってね。(Nihongo no benkyō, ganbatte ne.) Bye.