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Lesson Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Risa. Today I am going to teach you five phrases your teacher will never teach you but I will teach you.
1. すごい(sugoi) cool
すごーい(sugōi) when you say something outstanding, you say わー、すごい(wā, sugoi)すごーい(sugōi)
2. ばか(baka) idiot, fool.
I don’t want to be an American idiot. When your closer friend or family did something stupid, you say ばかだねー(baka da nē). When you are kidding around someone, you say ばかー(bakā) too.
3. 相槌 (aizuchi) そうそう(sō, sō)、だよねー (da yo nē) うんうん(unun) へえー(hē)
相槌(aizuchi) we use 相槌(aizuchi) between the conversation a lot. “そうそうそう(sō, sō, sō)” means like “yes, yes, yes.” だよねー(da yo nē) and だよねー(da yo nē) is like exactly. うんうん(un'un) is like yeah, yeah. へええー(hē) when you don’t have any interest in something, へー(hē). On the other hand, when you hear something for the first time, you say へえー(hē) with lots of interest へえー(hē)
4. うそー(usō). No way
うそ(uso) no way うそー(usō) うそ(uso) うそだあー(usodā).
5. Words used by young people ちょー (chō)ヤバイ (yabai)マジ?(maji?)すげー(sugē)超(cho)
超(cho) means very or really ヤバイ (yabai)ヤバイ(yabai) is like oh my gosh or oh my god マジ?(maji?)マジ?(maji?) seriously. すげー、(sugē,)すげー(sugē) usually guys use, it’s like wow! すげー(sugē)すげー!(sugē!) wow!
How is the lesson? I hope you enjoyed it. If you can speak Japanese, すごい!(sugoi!)それでは、またねー。(soredeha, matanē.)