The Ultimate Guide for Brand New Japanese Learners

24 Lessons • 4 Hours, 23 Minutes
Looking for the best lessons to start learning Japanese? Here are our hand-picked lessons for Absolute Beginner learners.
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Learn the Japanese Writing System
Learn about Japanese writing system
11 Minutes • Audio
Which alphabet to use?
Learn when to use the different alphabets
3 Minutes • Video
Learn Japanese Grammar
Learn about basic Japanese grammar
10 Minutes • Audio
How to Introduce Yourself in Japanese
Learn how to introduce yourself
14 Minutes • Video
HA or WA?
Learn why the hiragana 'ha' is sometimes read as 'wa'
2 Minutes • Video
Coincidence Times Two, Japanese Particles Wa, No, and Mo
Learn about introducing oneself
10 Minutes • Audio
You Can Speak More Languages with Japanese Particles O and Ga!
Learn about talking about one's ability
12 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Particle No: There's a New Teacher in the Room!
Learn about introducing someone formally
11 Minutes • Audio
Take Your Japanese Questions to New Heights with Particles Ka and No!
Learn about talking about one's child
12 Minutes • Audio
Need Directions? Japanese Particles E, Ni, Kara, and Made Will Show You the Way!
Learn about asking direction at a train station
11 Minutes • Audio
Learn Japanese Time Particles Kara, Made, and Ni in a Particle of Time!
Learn about asking about the consultation hours of the dental clinic
12 Minutes • Audio
You'll Know the Location of the Action with Japanese Particles Ni, De, and O
Learn about giving directions
13 Minutes • Audio
Learn Japanese Pronunciation
Learn about the fourteen Japanese consonants and five vowels
6 Minutes • Audio
Introduction to Adjectives in Japanese
Learn all about the two types of adjectives, and how to use them
4 Minutes • Video
Negative Forms of Adjectives in Japanese
Learn how to make and use both types of negative adjective
3 Minutes • Video
Past Forms of Adjectives in Japanese
Learn how to make and use the past tense of i and na adjectives
3 Minutes • Video
How to Say Where Things Are
Learn about usage of adjectives(both na and i adjectives)
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Are You Prepared if You Catch a Cold in Japan?!
Learn about particles
19 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Hottest Way to Break the Ice in Japan!
Learn about -i adjective sentence ending with -ne particle
22 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Where Can You Go in Japan That Leaves You Feeling More Beautiful Inside AND Out?
Learn about possessive no and -na adjective ending change with -desu form
18 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Don't Be Alarmed...Your Japanese Can Help You Find Everything You've Lost!
Learn about describing one's item
16 Minutes • Audio
Using Verbs in Japanese
Learn how to create sentences using present-tense verbs, as well as
3 Minutes • Video
Learn how to use the counter つ (Tsu)
3 Minutes • Video
Discussing Future Plans
Learn how to discuss future plans
17 Minutes • Video