An Intermediate Japanese Lesson Review

15 Lessons • 4 Hours, 10 Minutes
A variety of intermediate lessons for learners reteurning to Japanese after an absence.
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Need a Japanese Review?
Review of past lessons
17 Minutes • Audio
Giving Directions to a Taxi Driver
Learn how to give directions to a taxi driver
16 Minutes • Audio
Talking About Your Goals
Learn how to talk about a decision you've made
13 Minutes • Audio
Who is That Japanese Person?
Learn how to use clauses to modify nouns
18 Minutes • Audio
These Passive Sentences Will Actively Improve Your Japanese
Learn how to use the passive voice
16 Minutes • Audio
Having a Bad Hair Day in Japan
Learn continue learning about Japanese causative verbs
15 Minutes • Audio
Review Your Japanese Grammar to Get it Right
Review the Japanese grammar points you've learned so far in this series of lessons
14 Minutes • Audio
Meet Yoko!
Learn about expressing that one is doing something or has just done something
13 Minutes • Audio
Graduation Trip
Learn about expressing that one wants to do something
19 Minutes • Audio
Welcome Home!
Learn about expressing that one wants someone to do something
20 Minutes • Audio
To the Airport at Any Cost
Learn about expressing conditionals
17 Minutes • Audio
Breakfast for One
Learn about expressing an opinion or forecast about the future which you are pretty sure will come true
13 Minutes • Audio
My Tokyo Traveblogue - Day 6
Learn about using a double negative to express the idea of "must" or "have to"
13 Minutes • Audio
My Tokyo Travelblogue - Day 15
Learn about switching from polite to casual language
24 Minutes • Audio
My Tokyo Traveblogue - Day 16
Learn about polite expressions for business Japanese
17 Minutes • Audio