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Vocabulary Lists Sounds That Animals Make

Sounds That Animals Make

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Lions roar; they go,
ライオンの鳴き声;「ガオー!」と吠える。 ライオンの鳴き声;「ガオー!」と吠える。
Raion no naki-goe; "Gaō" to hoeru.
Lions roar; they go, "Roaaaar!"
Dogs bark; they go,
犬の鳴き声;「ワンワン」と吠える。 犬の鳴き声;「ワンワン」と吠える。
Inu no naki-goe; "Wan-wan" to hoeru.
Dogs bark; they go, "Bow wow."
Cats meow; they go,
猫の鳴き声;「ニャーニャー」と鳴く。 猫の鳴き声;「ニャーニャー」と鳴く。
Neko no naki-goe; "Nyā-nyā" to naku.
Cats meow; they go, "Meow meow."
Cows moo; they go,
牛の鳴き声;「モオー」と鳴く。 牛の鳴き声;「モオー」と鳴く。
Ushi no naki-goe; "Moō" to naku.
Cows moo; they go, "Mooooo."
Pigs snort; they go,
豚の鳴き声;「ブーブー」と鳴く。 豚の鳴き声;「ブーブー」と鳴く。
Buta no naki-goe; "Bū-bū" to naku.
Pigs snort; they go, "Oink."
Sheeps baa; they go,
羊の鳴き声;「メエー」と鳴く。 羊の鳴き声;「メエー」と鳴く。
Hitsuji no naki-goe; "Meē" to naku.
Sheeps baa; they go, "Meehhhhh."
Bees buzz; they go,
ミツバチの鳴き声;「ブーン」と飛ぶ。 ミツバチの鳴き声;「ブーン」と飛ぶ。
Mitsu-bachi no naki-goe; "Buūn" to tobu.
Bees buzz; they go, "Bzzzzzzzzz."
Birds chirp; they go,
鳥の鳴き声;「チュンチュン」と鳴く。 鳥の鳴き声;「チュンチュン」と鳴く。
Tori no naki-goe; "Chun-chun" to naku.
Birds chirp; they go, "Tweet tweet."
Roosters crow; they go,
ニワトリの鳴き声;「コケコッコー!」と鳴く。 ニワトリの鳴き声;「コケコッコー!」と鳴く。
Niwatori no naki-goe; "Koke-kokkō!" to naku.
Roosters crow; they go, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"
Donkeys bray; they go,
ロバの鳴き声;「グーヒー」と鳴く。 ロバの鳴き声;「グーヒー」と鳴く。
Roba no naki-goe; "Gūhī" to naku.
Donkeys bray; they go, "Hee-haw."
Horses whinny; they go,
馬の鳴き声;「ヒヒーン」と鳴く。 馬の鳴き声;「ヒヒーン」と鳴く。
Uma no naki-goe; "Hihīn" to naku.
Horses whinny; they go, "Neighhh."
Ducks quack; they go,
アヒルの鳴き声;「ガーガー」と鳴く。 アヒルの鳴き声;「ガーガー」と鳴く。
Ahiru no naki-goe; "Gā-gā" to naku.
Ducks quack; they go, "Quack quack."
Frogs croak; they go,
カエルの鳴き声;「ケロケロ」と鳴く。 カエルの鳴き声;「ケロケロ」と鳴く。
Kaeru no naki-goe; "Kero-kero" to naku.
Frogs croak; they go, "Ribbit!"
Pigeons coo; they go,
ハトの鳴き声;「ポッポー」と鳴く。 ハトの鳴き声;「ポッポー」と鳴く。
Hato no naki-goe; "Poppō" to naku.
Pigeons coo; they go, "Coo."
Mice squeak; they go,
ネズミの鳴き声;「チューチュー」と鳴く。 ネズミの鳴き声;「チューチュー」と鳴く。
Nezumi no naki-goe; "Chū-chū" to naku.
Mice squeak; they go, "Squeeeeek!"
Turkeys gobble; they go,
七面鳥の鳴き声;「グブグブ」と鳴く。 七面鳥の鳴き声;「グブグブ」と鳴く。
Shichimenchō no naki-goe; "Gubu-gubu" to naku.
Turkeys gobble; they go, "Gobble, gobble."
Owls hoot; they go,
フクロウの鳴き声;「ホーホー」と鳴く。 フクロウの鳴き声;「ホーホー」と鳴く。
Fukurō no naki-goe; "Hō-hō" to naku.
Owls hoot; they go, "Hooooo!"
Chicks peep; they go,
ひよこの鳴き声;「ピヨピヨ」と鳴く。 ひよこの鳴き声;「ピヨピヨ」と鳴く。
Hiyoko no naki-goe; "Piyo-piyo" to naku.
Chicks peep; they go, "Peep!"
Wolves howl; they go,
オオカミの鳴き声;「アオーン」と吠える。 オオカミの鳴き声;「アオーン」と吠える。
Ōkami no naki-goe; "Aō-n" to hoeru.
Wolves howl; they go, "Awoooooo!"
Snakes hiss; they go,
ヘビの鳴き声;「シュルルッ」と音をたてる。 ヘビの鳴き声;「シュルルッ」と音をたてる。
Hebi no naki-goe; "Shururu-" to oto wo tateru.
Snakes hiss; they go, "Ssssssss."
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Friday at 12:30 pm
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Hi Listeners! What’s your favorite animal sound? Let us know!

September 15th, 2016 at 12:22 pm
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Bator san,

Konnichiwa. :smile:

Because they speak Japanese.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yuki 由紀


September 4th, 2016 at 1:02 pm
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The Japanese cat meow a bit different then English cat

May 5th, 2016 at 7:53 am
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Paul san,


The Japanese language has a lot of onomatopoeia.

Regarding ‘lion’s roar’, what Kelly Canaan san mentioned is correct.

Kelly Canaan san,


Thank you for helping Paul san.

Elephants say ‘paoo’ in Japanese.

Megan Somers san, Julia san,

Thank you for your positive comments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.


Yuki  由紀


April 27th, 2016 at 8:11 pm
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I totally enjoyed this! Thanks! :smile:

Megan Somers
April 27th, 2016 at 12:01 pm
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This was really cute. Whoever voiced this definitely had a lot of fun. Some of the sounds made me giggle. What snakes say, sounds rather creepy.

I really enjoyed this and it was quite informative.

April 26th, 2016 at 2:27 am
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In English, we say elephants trump or trumpet.............?

April 25th, 2016 at 11:00 am
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To Paul, I think you can still say, for example, "raion ha gaooo to hoeru," which means more like "The lion roars/says 'gaooo'" I think.

Does an elephant say anything in Japanese? I don't think English has a written word for it...

April 24th, 2016 at 11:39 pm
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Japanese seems to like onomatopoeia but doesn't seem to have many words for the sounds themselves. There are: hoeru, naku, tobu (to fly?), & oto wo tateru, which seem to be quite vague.

Also, the Japanese sentences seem to be structured differently. It looks like, for example: 'Lion's call; "Gaō" and roar'. Is it just an idiom I haven't learned yet...?