16. Spend Golden Week in Your Car!

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avatar JapanesePod101.com

Mina-san, what do you do to prevent boredom on long road trips?

avatar JapanesePod101.com


there’s a bit of info here:

halfway down that page, you’ll find a link to a Culture Class about it. :nihon:

hope this helps! :mrgreen:

avatar Faru

what is golden week by the way? :shock:

avatar Brandon


avatar ブロイズ

you guys are awesome! I’m really glad to see people dedicated to teach others
More power to you guys

avatar Naomi

I think the most difficult part is Vocabulary and phrases in this conversation. PDFを見ながら聞けば、文法はそんなに悪くはないと思います。 :wink:

ゴールデンウィークは、たぶん、山梨で魚釣りをします。 :razz:

avatar Brandon

:twisted: ナオミさん、より難しくしてください  :grin:   ところで、花見できましたか?今度のゴールデンウイクには何しますか?

avatar Phil

Blimey you weren’t kidding when you said the news part was difficult!

Or did I just stumble into arabicpod101 by mistake or something?

avatar Naomi

sTeVe aUsTiN-san
>>>I usually make funny faces at the other cars and try to make people angry.
Not make people laugh? Make them angry?? そのfunny facesを見てみたいです。

Shadowing definitely works!! 私も、時々、英語のシャドーイングをします。最近サボっていますが…。

5月のupper intermediate は もっと難しくなります。 

avatar プチクレア

This lesson was great !!! Especially since listening to newscasts is so difficult ! More of those, please !!!! :kokoro:

avatar ジャービジ

If I was on my own I’d listen to some Jpod lessons and practice some shadowing, otherwise I’d try engaging in the ancient art of conversation :mrgreen:

Another good challenging lesson today :twisted: I find that anything more monologue than dialogue tends to be a lot harder to break down, which is why the news is such a nightmare :hachimaki: