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Who Else Wants To Successfully Pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test exam?

The JLPT N1, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1, is a huge plus for any foreign national seeking employment in Japan. JLPT test is only held twice each year and its importance is growing as more Japanese firms are increasing their hiring of foreign nationals as they expand globally. Passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is also required to attend Japanese universities—so there can be a lot of pressure to do well on this vital exam!

Learn with JLPT Lessons

Fortunately, JapanesePod101 provides everything you need to succeed starting with the JLPT N5, including links to register and get more information, lessons, special resources, and even a free ebook to learn kanji! Don’t forget to download your free JLPT Cheat Sheet with the 103 Kanji you must know! But first, let’s take a closer look at exactly why the JLPT is so critical to professional and academic success in Japan.

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3 Benefits of Studying for the JLPT

Most Japanese Firms Use the JLPT for Candidate Evaluation

According to Yuji Shinohara, president of Daijob.com and one of the largest job placement firms in Japan for multi-lingual positions, “The JLPT is definitely a yardstick for many companies seeking to hire foreign nationals in Japan.” Although the Japanese Language Proficiency Test includes 5 levels (N1 – N5), an N5 certification means that a person understands basic Japanese and can read hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji. So by studying and passing the JLPT N5, you would make a first step toward demonstrating the solid foundation of Japanese required by all employers to secure a job in Japan.

prove your japanese level

Attend Japanese Schools and Universities

Ever dreamed of studying abroad at the University of Tokyo or any of Japan’s schools or universities? Then passing the JLPT N5 will go a long way to helping you realize your dream and is a minimum requirement for most learning institutions.

Studying for JLPT Boosts Linguistic and Communication Skills

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is designed to test your overall understanding of the language, especially when it comes to reading comprehension. By studying sentence structure and vocabulary in hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji, your linguistic and communication skills will improve dramatically. As you progress, you will also benefit from a growing sense of accomplishment as your mastery grows and your skills improve.

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The Downsides to Only Studying for JLPT

The JLPT does not test your ability to speak Japanese. So if you only wanted to learn how to speak fluent Japanese, studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test might not be the best use of your time. In fact, the JLPT may also be unnecessary for anyone who isn’t actually looking for work or to study in Japan. Again, studying to get the JLPT N1 is a great way to expand your linguistic and communication skills to master Japanese, but it just may not be the best investment for everyone. But for many, the JLPT exams remain a proven path to new career and study opportunities that can open up worlds of new adventures. So are you ready to learn how successfully pass the JLPT N5 and start your adventure?

How JapanesePod101 Helps You Successfully Prepare For and Pass the JLPT

Options to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test include taking special classes, enrolling in online programs, or even hiring a private tutor. But for the fastest, easiest, and most affordable path to successfully passing the JLPT N5 first, nothing compares with JapanesePod101! Just look at everything we’ve specially developed and created just to help students pass the JLPT exam!

All Links/Information Inside Your JLPT Cheat Sheet. Create Your Free Lifetime Account and Download it for FREE

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5 represents the first major milestone on your journey. These lessons give you the practice in vocabulary, kanji, grammar and listening comprehension you need to pass!

Learn with JLPT Lessons

Are you prepared for the listening section? With our listening lessons you’ll be prepared to listen native-speed conversations and be ready for the Exam!

Listening Preparation for JLPT exam

The kanji writing system is one of the most difficult aspects of learning Japanese, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way. We’ll teach you the best methods for learning kanji as well as some of the most useful characters.

Prepare the JLPT exam with Video Series

Master the 2000 most common Japanese words and phrases through pictures and audio.

Learn the 2000 most common Japanese Words

Hours of Japanese podcasts to improve your listening comprehension skills and take you to fluency.

Improve Your Listening Comprehension with Japanese Podcasts

Printable PDF Lesson Notes with every lesson and follow lessons at your own pace, line-by-line with PDF transcripts.

Learn Japanese with PDF

Download A Radical Approach to Mastering Kanji: The Secret to Learning 1500 Kanji right now and start learning Japanese kanji the easy way. You will learn 50 must-know radicals and read and understand a TON of Japanese.

Learn Japanese with PDF

If you want to secure a job or to study in Japan, passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is the first critical step to realizing your dream. Studying for and passing the JLPT is also a great way to boost your linguistic and communication skills plus gain a real sense of accomplishment. However, for people just looking to learn how to speak Japanese, even fluently, the exam isn’t necessary.

study for jlpt exam

But if you are looking for a challenge or hope to one day work or study in Japan, the JapanesePod101 JLPT Learning Path is designed to help you successfully reach your dream—fast!

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