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Newest Lessons

News #4 - Thank You!

Thank you everyone for your posts, emails, itunes reviews, and podcast alley votes! They really, really, really mean a lot to us. We do in fact read them before our lessons, and they are a major reason why we always seem so energetic! So if you have some time, please help us out with an itunes review or an email and a vote on podcast alley. Thank you again, as it is you guys that make Japanesepod101.com what it is! Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!・どうもありがとうございます・どうも有り難うございます!

Japanese Culture Class #3 - The Japanese SAT (kinda) - UTCE - University Testing Center Examination!

Japanese Culture Classes
Today, January 21, 2006, on top of the largest snowfall in 5 years in Tokyo, senior high school students and ronin across Japan had to endure the UTCE, University Testing Center Examination. Wherever you are this weekend enjoy, as students taking this exam will be going through one of the most stressful two-day periods of their lives. Today we introduce you to the long and tedious process. Today's location included in the comments.

Beginner Lesson #23 - Bringing it All Together

Beginner Season 1
Today we come full circle with the best conversation (kaiwa) to date. Today's lesson brings together this weeks work, so you don't want to miss this one! Please see comments for more on speaking about family members or check out the PDF.

Beginner Lesson #22 - Describing the ‘Fam’

Beginner Season 1
Yesterday we learned the words for family members, today it's time to learn how to talk about them! For diplomatic purposes we only cover the positive words.

Beginner Lesson #21 - A Family Affair

Beginner Season 1
A conversation is never complete without talking about the "fam", and today we take you one step closer. Learn how to talk about your family in Japanese, as today we introduce vocab that you will use over and over.