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This is the urban jungle known as Shibuya. It is known worldwide for its busy intersection also known as Shibuya Crossing. During rush hour, there are more than 2,000 people who crossed this intersection each time the light changes. That's more than 90,000 people in one hour and over a million people each day.
What makes Shibuya such a vast yet dense valley because the abundance of shops it has. It is an ideal place to go shopping, to hang out with friends explored the many popular attractions such as art galleries, bookstores, arcade rooms or cafes. You can find just about anything you need while shopping here.
At the heart of Shibuya is Shibuya Station. This station serves as a major hub in Tokyo. This terminal provides connection to many popular JR Lines in Tokyo Metro Lines. Here, you will find the Tokyo Metro Lines, Ginza, Hanzomon and Fukutoshin.
The most popular exit is Hachiko Square. It was named after the locally famous dog whose popularity spread due to his tremendous loyalty to its owner. Hachiko Square is the main waiting place when meeting up with someone in Shibuya. You can always find people waiting near the statue of Hachiko.
Across from Hachiko Square is Mark City. Mark City is home to more than 80 shops. It also has a large scale hotel and business floors. This is the most popular street in Shibuya known as Center Gai. You can find anything here from youth fashion shops, game centers, cafes, record shops, book stores and fast-food restaurants. Many trends that the youth follow originates from here.
This is Koen-dori. This Street extends from Shibuya to Yoyogi Park. The street has many fashionable shops and stylish department stores. At night, it seems to turn into a completely different city. Once the Sun sets, it becomes more apparent why many find this place so fascinating.
Shibuya lights up the night skies with the toil of lights. There are more two-story televisions here than any other district in the world. If you plan on spending a night clubbing in Shibuya, it is common to arrive on the last train around 12:30 a.m. and then return home on the first train around 4:30 a.m. There are a multitude of bars to choose from. You can experience many types of bars from the traditional Japanese pubs to foreign influence bars. There are even themed bars that you can visit. If you take a trip here, it will be wise to make a plan due to its seemingly unlimited options it has for explorers to choose from.
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