Introducing the Premium Learning Center v2.0!!!

We’ve listened to you and made our Premium Learning Center easier to use. An entirely new layout, improved user interface, and superior site organization will give you quick access to all your favorite learning tools and reference material necessary to take your Japanese skills to new heights.

New Global User Interface

Learning Center Landing Page – Logically divided into two sections, the new landing page lets you choose your own destiny. Select a lesson from the Lesson Specific Tools section and gain instant access to a host of resources aimed at re-enforcing what you heard in the podcast or choose a tool from the Reference Material section and take your studies into your own hands.

Two Sections

“My” Global Menu – Available on every page of the Learning Center, this new navigation menu let’s you quickly jump to your Word Bank, Kanji Bank, or Settings with the click of a mouse! Should you ever get lost, simply click on the Back button on the same menu and go back to the page you previously were at.

My Menu

Breadcrumb Navigation – Keep track of your location within Learning Center at all times with our breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trails navigation technique. Conveniently located just below the header on the top of each page, the breadcrumbs provide a trail for you to follow back to the starting/entry point of the Learning Center.

Breadcrumb Nav

New Lesson Specific User Interface

3-Step Approach - Follow our 3-step approach of Listen, Review, and Practice and before you know it you’ll be speaking and reading Japanese.

3-Step Approach

One Stop Shop – Listen to our entire podcast and bonus audio, download and view the PDF Material, and post lesson-specific comment all from within the Learning Center. Gone are the days of having to jump through hoops to get your studies done. It’s all about simplicity and convenience!

One Stop Shop

Lesson Status – Mark a lesson as “complete” when you feel that you’ve mastered the content it covers.

Lesson Status

Reference Material Quick Jump Menu – Use the handy drop-down menu to quickly jump to a Reference Material tool from the Lesson Specific side.

Reference Material Quick Jump

Browse All Lessons – The new and dramatically improved Lesson Directory let’s you browse all of the lessons from one convenient place. Follow the 3-step approach to listen, review and practice each lesson. Use filters to control which lesson categories are displayed, to hide all completed lessons, and to determine how many lessons are shown per page. When you have the Lesson Directory looking the way you want it, save all your filter settings for next time. Learning has never been easier!

Browse All Lessons

New Reference Material User Interface

User Friendly Layout – The Reference Material section is divided into seven sections: Kana Basic, Kana Practice, Dictionaries, Grammar, Flaschards, JLPT, and Japanese Basics. An explanation of each Reference Tool is provided to take the mystery out of learning Japanese.

User Friendly

Lesson Quick Jump Menu – Use two handy drop-down menus to select a lesson and quickly jump back to the Lesson Specific section of the Learning Center.

Lesson Quick Jump