Using a Phone in Japan

14 Lessons • 2 Hours, 42 Minutes
Pick up the phone with confidence and fluency using these lessons.
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Telephone Card
Learn about buying a phone card
15 Minutes • Audio
Cell Phone
Learn about buying a prepaid phone
10 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #9: Numbers 1-10
Learn about the numbers from one to ten
4 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #10: Numbers 11-19
Learn the Japanese numbers from eleven to nineteen
5 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #11: Numbers 20-100
Learn about the Japanese number system
5 Minutes • Video
Nihongo Doujou - Mastering the Japanese Telephone Dance!
Learn about verbs and interrogative word review
16 Minutes • Audio
Can I Call you Sometime?
Learn how to tell one's telephone number
18 Minutes • Audio
Do You Have a Cell Phone? in Japanese
Learn the question "Do you have a cell phone?" in Japanese and how to answer it
9 Minutes • Audio
Calling a Plumber in Japan
Learn how to introduce a topic of conversation
11 Minutes • Audio
Moshi, Moshi! You got a Call!
Learn about making small talk, wishing someone a happy new year
12 Minutes • Audio
An Unexpected Call
Learn about expressing dislikes
13 Minutes • Audio
Cell Phone #1
Learn about a subordinate conjunction which indicates that the events in the subordinate clause occur, or may occur, after the event in the main clause
14 Minutes • Audio
Cell Phone #2
Learn about expressing the consequences of a hypothetical situation
14 Minutes • Audio
Mobile Phone
Learn about talking about conditional situations
10 Minutes • Audio