Talking with Your Japanese Partner

10 Lessons • 2 Hours, 22 Minutes
Communication is the cornerstone of a great relationship.
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Pickup Lines (No Guarantees)
Learn about complimenting someone, talking about other people, confirming things
11 Minutes • Audio
What's Your Type?
Learn about talking about body type
21 Minutes • Audio
A Way with Words
Learn about the -te kureru formation
15 Minutes • Audio
Making a Compliment
Learn five words to make a compliment
1 Minute • Video
Learn the words for dating
2 Minutes • Video
What's Your Blood Type?
Learn about The interesting and popular belief that blood type and personality are related
13 Minutes • Audio
The Star Festival
Learn about Tanabata, or The Star Festival, the background and cultural information about this celebration
21 Minutes • Audio
Getting Married
Learn about Weddings in Japan, from the meeting to the proposal, different types of weddings, and more
19 Minutes • Audio
Getting Married II
Learn about Japanese Weddings - Shintō, Bukkyō, and Kirisutokyō style weddings
13 Minutes • Audio
Getting Married III
Learn about Getting Married III - the reception
21 Minutes • Audio