Mastering Japanese: Level 1

142 Lessons • 1 Day, 1 Hour, 11 Minutes
Advance to Level 2 with this thorough introduction to Japanese! You'll learn to make friends, deal with emergencies, interact with people in business, academic and social settings, and much more!
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Why Learn Japanese?
Learn why you should learn Japanese
6 Minutes • Video
Introduction to Japanese Pronunciation
Learn a little about Japanese pronunciation
6 Minutes • Video
Introduction to Japanese Grammar
Learn a little about Japanese grammar
6 Minutes • Video
Introduction to Japanese Writing
Learn a little about how to write
5 Minutes • Video
Basic Bootcamp
Hear about a Japanese learning boot camp
6 Minutes • Video
How to Introduce Yourself in Japanese
Learn how to introduce yourself
14 Minutes • Video
How to Introduce Yourself
Learn about how to tell who you are
13 Minutes • Audio
How to Describe Where You're From in Japanese
Learn how to describe where you're from
14 Minutes • Video
Meet Kazunori
Hear Kazunori's introduction
0 Minutes • Video
Perfect Japanese Pronunciation Made Easy
Learn how to boost your confidence by making sure your Japanese pronunciation is on point
19 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #9: Numbers 1-10
Learn about the numbers from one to ten
4 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #10: Numbers 11-19
Learn the Japanese numbers from eleven to nineteen
5 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #11: Numbers 20-100
Learn about the Japanese number system
5 Minutes • Video
Nihongo Doujou - In Japan, It's All in the Numbers
Learn about numbers 1-10 and 'what' questions
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Talking About Dates in Japanese
Learn about asking about dates
13 Minutes • Audio
Loving and Hating in Japanese
Learn how to how to say that you like or don't like something
10 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Your Love of Japanese Will Drive You to Common Grounds!
Learn about telling and asking one's preferences of liking and disliking
15 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What Kind of People Will Japanese Help You Find?
Learn about describing people's personalities and physical qualities
15 Minutes • Audio
Saying You Like (or Don't Like) Something in Japanese
Learn how to say you like and don't like something in Japanese using the adjectives suki and kirai
3 Minutes • Video
Being a Vegetarian is a Bit Difficult in Japan
Learn how to use Japanese verbs in the non-past negative form
10 Minutes • Audio
The Japanese that Might Score You a Date!
Learn about asking someone out
11 Minutes • Audio
Ice Hockey in Japan! Game on!
Learn about ice hockey game in Japan
5 Minutes • Video
Do You Remember the Japanese Grammar You've Learned in this Series?
Review some of the different grammar points we have learned throughout this series
13 Minutes • Audio
Telling Time in Japanese
Learn about multiplying numbers, counting
13 Minutes • Audio
Missing the Japanese Train
Learn how to ask about timetables
8 Minutes • Audio
Make Time for This Lesson!
Learn about usage of verb "to eat"
14 Minutes • Audio
Using Verbs in Japanese
Learn how to create sentences using present-tense verbs, as well as
3 Minutes • Video
Nihongo Doujou - Where Can You Go in Japan That Leaves You Feeling More Beautiful Inside AND Out?
Learn about possessive no and -na adjective ending change with -desu form
18 Minutes • Audio
Talking About Current Actions in Japanese
Learn how to talk about current actions using the -te iru / -te imasu construction
3 Minutes • Video
Introduction to Adjectives in Japanese
Learn all about the two types of adjectives, and how to use them
4 Minutes • Video
How to Ask What Things Are
Learn about asking questions and telling to whom the item belongs
19 Minutes • Audio
Negative Forms of Adjectives in Japanese
Learn how to make and use both types of negative adjective
3 Minutes • Video
Is This Your Japanese House?
Learn how to say that something belongs to someone
9 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Style versus Function in Japan: Whose Umbrella is THAT?!
Learn about asking about origin
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Fortunes of Rain in Japan
Learn about asking for the price and asking about the origin
14 Minutes • Audio
These Japanese Interjections Aren't Impolite!
Learn how to how to respond to someone in a conversation
9 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What Will They Say if You Come Bearing Gifts in Japan?
Learn about useful expressions visiting someone's house
15 Minutes • Audio
Asking Somebody's Age in Japanese
Learn how to how to use numbers to ask someone's age or tell someone your age
12 Minutes • Audio
Using the Japanese Verbs Arimasu/Imasu
Learn how to use the verbs arimasu and imasu to talk about existence
4 Minutes • Video
For Here or To Go?
Learn about ordering drink
12 Minutes • Audio
Often or Not at All?
Learn about talking about daily habit
12 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #6: 3 Useful Classroom Expressions
Learn three of the most valuable Japanese phrases you can learn either in the classroom or out
4 Minutes • Video
How is Everyone Feeling in Japan?
Learn how to ask "How are you?"
9 Minutes • Audio
Review the Japanese You've Learned this Season
Review the series so far
10 Minutes • Audio
If You're Going to Say It in Japanese, You Better Say It Right!
Learn how to interact with people using varying levels of politeness
13 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #3: Basic Greetings 2
Learn the difference between the casual and more polite forms of the phrases
1 Minute • Video
Greeting an Old Acquaintance
Learn how to greet an old acquaintance
18 Minutes • Video
I Love Learning Japanese Too!
Learn how to use the Japanese word that means "too"
12 Minutes • Audio
How to Talk about the Weather
Learn about usage of adjectives(both na and i adjectives)
13 Minutes • Audio
How to Exchange Contact Information in Japanese
Learn how to exchange contact information
17 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #8: Hiroko's Top 3 Casual Japanese Expressions
Learn about three of the informal or casual Japanese phrases you will likely hear native Japanese speakers use frequently
2 Minutes • Video
Nihongo Doujou - Japanese That Can Take You to the Four Corners of the World!
Review four cardinal points
15 Minutes • Audio
Making the Grade
Learn about talking about hunger and food
13 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #25: Basic Japanese Course Review
Review all the previous Basic Japanese video lessons
2 Minutes • Video
Rise and Shine 2
Learn about talking about time
11 Minutes • Audio
Being Polite Is Not Just a Formality in Japanese
Learn how to introduce yourself and others in a polite, formal way
12 Minutes • Audio
That Japanese Model Isn't Just Pretty - She's Hot!
Learn how to create the negative form of na adjectives and nouns
14 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Curious Case of the Japanese Ramen Waiters
Learn about telling how many people and objects there are
16 Minutes • Audio
The -Te Form of Class 1 Japanese Verbs
Learn how to make the -te form of Class 1 verbs to give commands
4 Minutes • Video
The -Te Form of Class 2 and 3 Japanese Verbs
Learn how to make the -te form of Class 2 and 3 verbs to give more commands
3 Minutes • Video
Making Requests in Japanese
Learn how to ask someone to do something using the -te kudasai construction
3 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #24: How To Ask If Someone Is There
Learn important Japanese for the telephone and other situations as well
2 Minutes • Video
Best Wishes for the Japanese New Year
Learn how to say "Mr" and "Ms"
10 Minutes • Audio
Happy New Year (part 1)
Learn how to say "happy new year"
1 Minute • Video
Bye For Now!
Learn about expressing farewell
12 Minutes • Audio
Getting Enthusiastic about Japanese Games
Learn how to invite someone to do something in using the Japanese phrase -masen ka
10 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - You'll Be On the Go in Japan Soon, too!
Learn about particle -de (in/at) and -to (with)
14 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - What You Don't Eat at Home, You Might Eat in Japan!
Learn about showing comparison
18 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - The Key to Getting it for FREE in Japan!
Learn about telling existence for animated and inanimate objects
17 Minutes • Audio
How to Visit Someone's House
Learn how to visit someone's house in Japan
9 Minutes • Video
How to Eat a Typical Japanese Meal at Home
Learn how to eat a typical Japanese meal at home
9 Minutes • Video
Make Your Japanese Colorful!
Learn about talking about someone's appearance and character
10 Minutes • Audio
Suggestions and Invitations in Japanese
Learn how to invite someone to do something politely in two different ways
2 Minutes • Video
Do You Hate This, Too?
Learn about inviting someone to do something
10 Minutes • Audio
Going to Japan by Way of Mexico
Learn how to ask when someone will go or come to a place
9 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #17: How to Say the Months and Days
Learn how to say the months and days of the calendar
3 Minutes • Video
Discussing Future Plans
Learn how to discuss future plans
17 Minutes • Video
Do You Know Where You're Going?
Learn how to form question and negative sentences
12 Minutes • Audio
Where's the Party in Japan?
Learn how to ask where something is
9 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - In Japan, Flattery Will Get You Everywhere!
Learn about describing characteristics of a person or a thing
12 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Making Connections in Japanese!
Learn about describing personality
11 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Combining Adjectives in Japanese: They Are Lively and Funny!
Learn about describing person and useful expressions greeting guests
17 Minutes • Audio
The Most Colorful Japanese
Learn about talking about experience
11 Minutes • Audio
Can I Get Some Ketchup for my Japanese Dinner?
Learn how to ask whether someone has something
10 Minutes • Audio
Talking About the Japanese Weather
Learn how to talk about the weather and the air temperature
9 Minutes • Audio
What you Need to Know about the Seasons in Japan
Learn about usage of [–kara –made]
13 Minutes • Audio
How to Say Where Things Are
Learn about usage of adjectives(both na and i adjectives)
16 Minutes • Audio
Asking What Something is in Japanese
Learn how to ask what something is
3 Minutes • Video
How to Take a Japanese-Style Bath
Learn how to take a Japanese-style bath
8 Minutes • Video
Nihongo Doujou - Make Sure You Have the Time of Your Life in Japan!
Learn about time, from __ until __
13 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #16: How to Tell Time
Learn how to tell time
3 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #12: Numbers 200-1000
Learn about Japanese numbers to one-thousand
5 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #13: Numbers 1001-10000
Learn about the Japanese number system
5 Minutes • Video
How to Order Food at a Ramen Restaurant
Learn how to order food at a ramen restaurant
10 Minutes • Video
Would You Like to Try This?
Learn about inviting someone to do something
10 Minutes • Audio
How to Order at a Restaurant
Review useful words and phrases at a restaurant
14 Minutes • Audio
Check, Please!
Learn about paying bill at a restaurant
11 Minutes • Audio
Allow Me to Recommend...
Learn about ordering sandwiches
10 Minutes • Audio
Asking for Something in Japanese
Learn how to ask for something, and you'll also learn a phrase used for apologizing and excusing yourself
3 Minutes • Video
Which One Do You Prefer?
Learn about ordering food
10 Minutes • Audio
Important Information About Allergies in Japan!
Learn about tell what you are allergic to
11 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #5: Japanese Manners (2)
Learn some of the proper Japanese phrases to use while you're dining with friends or associates in Japan
1 Minute • Video
How to Use Chopsticks Properly
Learn how to use chopsticks properly
9 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #21: Useful Expressions 2: How to Ask Where Something is
Learn how to ask where something is
1 Minute • Video
Basic Japanese #20: Useful Expressions 1: How to Ask the Price of Something
Learn how to ask about prices
2 Minutes • Video
Buying Items at a Register
Learn how to buy items at a register
14 Minutes • Video
How Would You Like to Pay for This?
Learn about shopping conversation
14 Minutes • Audio
Disaster Averted: What You Need to Know in Case of a Medical Emergency
Learn about talking about ailments
11 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #23: Useful Expressions 4: How to Ask if Something Exists
Learn to ask if the shop or restaurant has what you're looking for using the Japanese verbs meaning "to be," "to exist," or "to have"
2 Minutes • Video
Do you Know how to Get What you Want?
Learn about shopping conversation
16 Minutes • Audio
Will You Make it in Japan?
Learn about asking location
12 Minutes • Audio
Basic Japanese #14: General Counters
Learn about the Japanese general counter
2 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #15: Counters 2
Learn about the Japanese counters
2 Minutes • Video
Nihongo Doujou - You're Going, Going, Gone in Japan!
Learn about verbs with time expressions, polite negative form of verbs
17 Minutes • Audio
Finding Your Way
Review the past action and learn how to form polite past tense of a verb
14 Minutes • Audio
Make Change with Japanese!
Learn about confirming the price
13 Minutes • Audio
A Trip to the Japanese Zoo
Learn how to talk about animate objects in Japanese using imasu
9 Minutes • Audio
Where It's At
Learn about describing the existence of things using "iru" and "aru"
19 Minutes • Audio
How to Ride a Train in Japan
Learn how to ride a train in Japan
7 Minutes • Video
Using Particles "e" and "de" in Japanese
Learn how to use the direction particle "e" and the location particle "de" sentences
3 Minutes • Video
Let's Talk Tickets: Getting Around in Japan
Learn about useful expressions at the ticket counter at the station
13 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Get Me to the Church, No, Make That the Hotel in Japan on Time!
Learn about duration of time
15 Minutes • Audio
I'm Having a Taxi Emergency in Japan
Learn how to express that you have and don't have something
11 Minutes • Audio
Learn about Japanese taxi system
3 Minutes • Video
Basic Japanese #22: Useful Expressions 3: How to Ask When Something Takes Place
Learn how to ask "When?"
1 Minute • Video
Nihongo Doujou - What Have You Forgotten in Japan Today?
Learn about -i adjectives and -na adjectives
19 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Don't Be Alarmed...Your Japanese Can Help You Find Everything You've Lost!
Learn about describing one's item
16 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Are You in Control of Your Possessions in Japan?
Learn about how to say something is yours
18 Minutes • Audio
Checking in at a Hotel
Learn how to check in at a hotel
26 Minutes • Video
Buying Tickets for Public Transportation
Learn how to buy tickets for public transportation
20 Minutes • Video
One of These Things is Not Like the Other One in Japan
Learn how to ask what something is
9 Minutes • Audio
How to Navigate Passport Control in Japanese
Learn how to navigate passport control
15 Minutes • Video
How To Declare Items at Customs
Learn about how to ask what it is
12 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Are You in Just the Right Place in Japan?
Learn about telling the location
13 Minutes • Audio
Are You Hungry Enough to Eat That Unidentified Japanese Food?
Learn how to use demonstrative words that mean "this" and "that"
11 Minutes • Audio
Beware of Japanese Monkeys
Learn how to explain your emergency
10 Minutes • Audio
Nihongo Doujou - Are the Pangs of Hunger the Only Pains You Need to Worry About in Japan?
Learn about complaining about one's health condition
15 Minutes • Audio
The Most Critical Japanese Questions
Learn about asking addresses, asking phone numbers
13 Minutes • Audio
Learn This Japanese Before it's Too Late!
Learn about telling the time
11 Minutes • Audio
I'm Sick! Here's How to Get Help at the Hospital in Japan
Learn about telling what you did, telling what you have, visiting a hospital
12 Minutes • Audio
Who, When and Why?
Learn about talking about plans using the days of the week and words for today, tomorrow, etc
17 Minutes • Audio
How to Finish Up Work in a Japanese Office
Learn How to finish up work in a Japanese office
10 Minutes • Video