Essential Japanese for Emergencies

10 Lessons • 1 Hour, 24 Minutes
Don't get caught in an emergency without these language skills!
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Help 110! (911)
Learn about calling emergency services
12 Minutes • Audio
What's wrong? in Japanese
Learn the question "What's wrong?" in Japanese and how to answer it
5 Minutes • Audio
I'm Sick! Here's How to Get Help at the Hospital in Japan
Learn about telling what you did, telling what you have, visiting a hospital
12 Minutes • Audio
All Parts of the Body
Learn the words for parts of the body
2 Minutes • Video
Disaster Averted: What You Need to Know in Case of a Medical Emergency
Learn about talking about ailments
11 Minutes • Audio
Learn about getting medicine
13 Minutes • Audio
Pharmacy (Part 2)
Learn about buying energy drinks
14 Minutes • Audio
Commonly Used Medicines and Drugs
Learn about medicines that are common in Japan
7 Minutes • Audio
Calling the Japanese Doctor's Office
Listen to a phone call to the doctor's office
1 Minute • Video
Have Your Japanese Skills Been Declared a Natural Disaster?!
Learn vocabulary for natural disasters
2 Minutes • Video