Business Japanese for Beginners

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Harness the power of formality levels in Japanese to boost your professional career.
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Introducing Yourself in a Japanese Business Meeting
Learn how to introduce yourself formally in a business situation
10 Minutes • Audio
Asking Someone to Repeat Their Name in Japanese
Learn how to ask someone to repeat their name
10 Minutes • Audio
Introducing Your Boss to a Client in Japanese
Learn how to introduce your boss to a client
10 Minutes • Audio
Greeting Your Japanese Boss in the Morning
Learn how to greet your boss in the morning
10 Minutes • Audio
Talking About Your Long Weekend in Japanese
Learn how to greet a co-worker on a Monday morning after a long weekend
8 Minutes • Audio
Going Out to Meet With a Client in Japan
Learn what to say when you leave the office for a meeting with a client
9 Minutes • Audio
How was Your Japanese Meeting?
Learn what to say when you come back to the office after going out for a meeting outside
10 Minutes • Audio
How to Finish Up Work in a Japanese Office
Learn How to finish up work in a Japanese office
10 Minutes • Video
Catching Up with a Japanese Co-worker
Learn how to greet someone in the office when you haven't seen them in a long time
11 Minutes • Audio
The Last Day of the Year in a Japanese Office
Learn what to say when you leave the office at the end of the year
11 Minutes • Audio
Greeting Your Boss on the First Day of the Japanese New Year
Learn how to greet someone when you see them at the beginning of the work year
10 Minutes • Audio
Farewelling Your Japanese Coworker When They are Being Transferred
Learn what to say when you are not going to see someone for a long time
11 Minutes • Audio
Asking for Someone on the Phone
Learn how to call a client and ask for a specific person
12 Minutes • Audio
Switching to English
Learn how to say that you don't speak Japanese well
12 Minutes • Audio
Calling in Sick
Learn how to take a day off because of illness
12 Minutes • Audio
Apologizing for an Absence
Learn how to apologize when you return to the office after taking time off or leaving early
10 Minutes • Audio
Apologizing in a Business Situation
Learn how to apologize in a business setting
12 Minutes • Audio
Arriving for an Appointment
Learn how to explain who you are meeting and the time of your appointment when you have a business meeting
13 Minutes • Audio
Talking About Location
Learn how to ask about and say where something is
13 Minutes • Audio
Talking About Vacation Plans
Learn how to ask your coworkers about their holiday plans
11 Minutes • Audio
Taking Souvenirs to Your Office
Learn how to make small talk when you give your coworkers souvenirs from a trip
11 Minutes • Audio
Talking About Your Hobbies
Learn how to say what you like or don't like in regards to hobbies
13 Minutes • Audio
Accepting an Invitation
Learn how to accept an invitation from a coworker
12 Minutes • Audio
How to Attend a Japanese Company Drinking Party (Nomikai)
Learn how to attend a Japanese company drinking party (nomikai)
10 Minutes • Video
Going to Karaoke With Your Coworkers
Learn how to talk about which songs to sing at karaoke
12 Minutes • Audio
Declining an Invitation
Learn how to turn down an invitation from your boss politely
12 Minutes • Audio
Leaving Your Japanese Office At the End of the Day
Learn what to say when you leave the office after work
10 Minutes • Audio
Rearranging the Office in Japan
Listen to a conversation about rearranging an office
2 Minutes • Video
Discussing a New Design in Japanese
Listen to a conversation about redesigning a business card
2 Minutes • Video
Talking About Your Schedule in Japanese
Listen to a conversation about a travel schedule
1 Minute • Video