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Ordering Iced drink

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Ordering Iced drink

Postby acenase_511051 » March 22nd, 2016 1:45 am

Is it correct if I order Iced Drink and say like

Koori De Supuraito wo Ippai kudasai !
(a cup of sprite with ice)

or is there another way to say it naturally?

also if I want to order 2 drinks and I say

Shirro Wain wo Ippai SORETO Koori De Supuraito wo Ippai Hitomazu Soredakede.

Is this correct? If I say "Soreto" or should it be more natural to just say "To" instead?

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Re: Ordering Iced drink

Postby community.japanese » March 25th, 2016 9:57 am

Konnichiwa. :)
I can see your effort.
However, the sentence should be
‘Supuraito ni koori o irete kudasai’ or ‘koori o ireta supuraito o kudasai’.
The other one should be ‘siro wain wo ippai to koori o ireta supuraito wo ippai kudasai/onegaishimasu.’
Hitomasu soredake means ‘at the moment.’

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