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When the English Translation Comes In...

Posted: June 22nd, 2013 2:09 am
by Teabag
JPod101 is probably the most generous online language learning site I've ever studied with so far. (my first one though)
It's been 3 weeks since I started Lower Intermediate Season 1.
I just noticed I completed only 42% of the whole season. :twisted: 55 lessons in ONE season -- super!

Friday night here. Out of curiosity I hopped into other seasons in different levels,
hoping to know if I can complete JPod101 before Alzheimer finds me.
I surprisingly found something interesting. Throughout all the seasons, conversations in the lessons go like this.
1. Normal speech rate
2. Slow end of normal speech rate
3. Japanese followed by the English translation

In Lower Intermediate S1 when the English translation comes in, the host usually says,
“ 英語が入り(はいり)ます.” (Here’s the English translation)

But when I was in Upper Intermediate S5, I heard teacher Naomi say,
(Let’s hear the English translation.)

It was when I hopped over to Intermediate Lesson 1, I came up with this question.
Here in level Interm, I seemed to hear 2 different versions of the same sentence.
In Intermediate L2 audio time (7’33”) ”英語を入れ(いれ)ます”
( ... mel/#intro)

My question is here in Intermediate L1. I don’t know if I heard Peter san correctly. Did I hear
”つぎ私が英語をいります”(5’33”)? ... ri-suzuki/
Peter san’s soft soft voice kept me company for almost 20 mins
as I really wanted to know if he was saying いりますor いれます.

I often get confused with いる, はいる and sometimes いれる.
Now 3 in 1 go. :x But「英語をいります」is just not right, is it?

Dear fellow Japanese learners, what did you hear? :idea:

Re: When the English Translation Comes In...

Posted: June 24th, 2013 9:56 pm
by community.japanese
kon'nichiwa :D (Yeah, right; I appear even here as well :mrgreen: )

You probably heard 日本語が入ります。and/or つぎ、私が英語を入れます。
(~が) 入ります/入る => intransitive verb
(~を) 入れます => transitive verb