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Need listening training but don't like anime or dramas.

Japanese food, sports, television, movies, music, Japanese anime, manga, and the list goes on - food and entertainment is a huge part of Japanese culture.

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Need listening training but don't like anime or dramas.

Postby Fragmad » February 27th, 2017 1:26 am


I'm a quite experienced Japanese learner, I've studied in language school for a year and lived in Japan for about three years. But I'm having serious trouble with my listening skills, which is not odd considering I almost never listen to Japanese except for when I speak to people in real life. But this is a problem I need to fix or I will never be fluent, my ears have been need to adjust!

So, this might be slightly offensive to some people on here (^^), but I just can't stand Japanese anime or TV-dramas. I just find them boring, and that's it.
What I find fun is tv-shows where they for example, walk around in Tokyo and try new food, or attractions, or just informative programs. I'm sure everyone have watched the documentary Jiro dreams of sushi, well I've watched that movie about 20 times because I find it interesting. I've also watched the "Dochi no ryouri show" many times. (Yes I like programs about food :))

There seems to be a real lack of these sorts of shows online, on TV in Japan there is a bit, but I can never find anything online.

What do you watch if you don't like anime or dramas? :o :(

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Re: Need listening training but don't like anime or dramas.

Postby bp_robinson1788 » March 27th, 2017 9:50 pm

Hi Fragmad

I don't know if you have Amazon prime but there is series on there called Prime Japan. They are in English and Japanese.

There are 10 episodes each one covers a part of Japanese culture for the example the first is about Sushi and the 2nd about Ryokan (Guest houses).
Also there are a few on food. I found the episode on Ramen particularly good.

The English bits are a bit naff but if you can get past those you may find the Japanese explanations good to practice your listening.

Hope this is of some help.


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Re: Need listening training but don't like anime or dramas.

Postby community.japanese » May 9th, 2017 10:29 am

bp_robinson1788 san,
Thank you for sharing the information.

Fragmad san,
I am sorry for the late reply.
How about news?
Please try the website below.
Yuki 由紀

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