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Continuing my education in Japan.

Jobs in Japan, schools in Japan, Japanese visa questions, living in Japan, and more. If you're planning on studying or finding a job in Japan, get info here.

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Continuing my education in Japan.

Postby John_nato » October 8th, 2012 9:22 am

I am currently studying at a local college and next year will finish a two-year general education degree in April 2013,

but I want a four-year degree... and I want to get it in Japan.

Although I am currently living in America, I have lived in Japan for two years, and I can manage in Japanese pretty confidently もちろんそれはjapanesepod101.comのお陰ですけど、but I recognize that there are a few things which make studying in Japan difficult, and that is what lead me to writing this post.

I am looking for advice regarding the following things:

1: Finding and being accepted into a Japanese School.
I am sure it depends on the school, but is it best to go to a Japanese Language School and then apply for a 専門学校 or 大学? I ? Which is better 私立Or国立?

2:Financing for your education
Is it possible for foreigners to take out student loans in Japan? I heard that its impossible to go to school and work and hope to pay for your education in japan. How are most foreigners in Japan funding their education?

3: Getting a Visa in Japan.
If you don't have a job in japan, and if you are not a student, is it possible to get a visa in Japan?

The registration for the test ended last week for 2012. I was too late. The next test will be in 2013 for the United States. I have not yet taken the test, but I have taken many mock tests and based on those results I would rank myself somewhere around N3 or N2.

Is it better for me work as an English teacher or something like that in Japan, save money, and then try going to school? Is it pretty difficult for people with a two-year degree to get a job in Japan? I taught English as a volunteer for those two years that I spent in japan. Does that have any influence?

Studying in Japan has been a dream of mine for a long time and I am really starting to take it seriously. I have a lot of ambition in regards to this matter, and will do what ever I must in order to get things started. Any and all advice will be appreciated. I am particularly interested in learning about how the American Staff at began their education careers in Japan, and perhaps model my own career after it.
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