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Tracing hirigana

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Tracing hirigana

Postby percent20 » March 25th, 2008 8:33 am

I was curios are there any "worksheets" that have the step by step strokes one at a time drawn out that you can trace?

Here is an image of the "basic" idea. I remember we had these when I was learning to write in elementary school for english that way we learned to "properly" draw them.


first it gives you the hirigana and the romaji, romaji isn't necessarily as important, then each stroke for the character. It is dashed because it means for you to trace over it. You do each stroke seperately then at the end put it all together.

It would be awesome to get hold of something like this as I keep trying to draw characters out and they all suck. This way is a good learning tool.
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