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JLPT N4 - Furigana on Exam

Planning for the JLPT? Learn about the new JLPT test levels N1, N2, N3, N4, and N5. The JLPT is a goal for many students of the Japanese language - whether for university entrance, a job in Japan, or just personal motivation.

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JLPT N4 - Furigana on Exam

Postby Dragunaide » November 28th, 2016 11:53 pm


I have a question with regards to the use of Furigana during the JLPT exam (I will be writing the N4 exam on Sunday), specifically for vocabulary words which are made up of several kanji characters.

For the vocabulary words (out of the ~1,500 required for the N4) that are made up of a number of kanji that we should know (out of the ~300), will there be furigana on top of those during the exam?

If not, does that mean that when I am studying the ~1,500 vocabulary words, that I would need to cross-check every single kanji used to check if all the kanji included in each word are part of the N4/N5 kanji lists?

As a further example, let's say one vocabulary word in the N4 curriculum is formed of 3 different kanji characters (2 included in the N4 or N5, and 1 included in the N3). I am therefore assuming that during the N4 exam, there will be full furigana on this vocabulary word (since I am not expected to know that N3 kanji character). But what about if I write the N3 exam next year and now I need to know that last Kanji I need to back to the N4 & N5 vocabulary lists and cross-check, so that I would need to identify that N4 word and newly learn the kanji sequence?

Hope that my question is clear.

Many thanks to all,


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Re: JLPT N4 - Furigana on Exam

Postby community.japanese » November 29th, 2016 4:50 pm

Dragunaide san
Konnichiwa. :)
I think you should ask that question to the organizer.
Then you will be able to a clear answer.
Please refer to the pages below.
Yuki 由紀
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