Introduction: From Fashion to the Kansai Dialect

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Audio Blog #88 - Sakasa Fuji

Advanced Audio Blog 1
What does money say about your country? Do you know the cultural icons printed on Japanese coins and bills? Find out what Japanese currency looks like and how it represents Japanese history and Japanese culture. After that, stop by and let Miki know what the coins and bills in your country look like!

Audio Blog #87 - Freak of Nature

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Are you a freak of nature? Miki thinks she is! She has a strange effect on magnetized strips. What do you think? Is Miki a freak of nature? Or do you have the same problem? After listening, stop by and be sure to leave her a post!
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Audio Blog #86 - Playing Grown Up

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Kid doctors, kid lawyers, kid chefs and kid bankers! There's a place in Japan where kids can get jobs like grown ups and even earn money and open bank accounts. Where is this magical and mysterious place? Well, you'll just have to ask Miki!

Audio Blog #85 - Vending Machine Evolution

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Vending Machines that entertain you while you wait? Machines that sell you a frosty beer or frothy cappuccino? There are so many kinds of vending machines in Japan, you'd be amazed at what you can buy! Today Miki takes us on a wild ride through the world of Japanese jidō hanbaiki (vending machines) and tells us about all the great things you can experience!

Audio Blog #84 - Shooting Star

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Star light, star bright! When you see a shooting star in Japan, you have a few second to make your wish come true. Do you know how? Miki's going to tell us how to make all of our dreams come true! After listening, stop by and be sure to leave Miki a post!