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Japanese Culture Class #64 - Izakaya Part 2: Working at an izakaya

Learning Japanese with is the most fun and effective way to learn Japanese! In the last Japanese Culture Class lesson, we told you all about about izakaya, the Japanese version of what we might call a bar...

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Japanese Culture Class #63 - Izakaya Part 1: What is an izakaya?

Learn Japanese with! Your friend tells you in Japanese, "Okay, we're here. Take off your shoes and let's go in." You respond in Japanese, "You want me to take off my shoes to go into this Japanese bar? Back...

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Japanese Culture Class #62 - Martial Arts Video

Learn Japanese with! You hear your friend creeping up on you, and suddenly he lets out a shriek. You turn around, and he is aiming for your leg with his foot. You ask him in Japanese, "What the heck...

Japanese Culture Class #61 - New Word and Buzzword-of-the-Year Grand Prix 2009

Learn Japanese with! You call up your good friend on Friday night and ask him in Japanese, "Hey buddy, what are your plans for tonight?" He responds in Japanese, "Um, nothing...I just want to stay in and catch up...

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