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Hello Listener,

It’s that time again – monthly newsletter time! Here’s a quick two-minute update about what’s going on at JapanesePod101. What’s inside? There’s an exclusive 2-for-1 Bundle offer – access to our ENTIRE Japanese learning system PLUS a FREE audiobook – that ends Friday. There’s a new video for the Innovative Language 101 App. Oh, and a free feature that teaches you new Japanese words every day. Keep on reading to learn more!

In this month’s newsletter:

  1. Bundle ends Friday! Get 28% OFF & a FREE Japanese audiobook!
  2. Check out the newest video for the Innovative Language 101 App
  3. Free Feature Alert: One daily Japanese word in your inbox
  4. New! Learn the top 101 Japanese words with this free iBook

1. Ends Friday! Learn Japanese at 28% OFF & get a FREE 6.5-hour audiobook!
Want to master even more Japanese? Here’s your chance with this exclusive 2-for-1 Bundle. Not only do you get our Japanese learning system, but you also get a Japanese audiobook! Get 28% OFF Basic or Premium and a FREE 6.5-hour audiobook! Unlock our effective Japanese lessons, lesson notes, exclusive apps, study tools and more! Just $2.88/month with Basic or $7.20/month with Premium. Hurry! Ends 2/27/2015!

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2. Learning Japanese On the Go Yet? Check Out the App & Video!
Imagine if all of your Japanese lessons were available at the swipe of a screen…all so you can learn Japanese whenever and wherever. Want to know how it works? Check out the quick promo video at the link below and download Innovative Language 101 for free! And stay tuned because new App features (like new lesson notifications and player enhancements) are coming soon! If you want complete JapanesePod101 lesson access, take advantage of the Bundle Sale above!

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3. Free Feature Alert: The Japanese Word of the Day
This is one of our listeners’ favorite features. Why? It takes nothing to learn one Japanese word a day. You get a word delivered directly to your inbox. You get its meaning, audio pronunciation, picture and sample sentences. Soon enough, you’ll realize you can learn more! That’s when your Japanese will snowball and you’ll start mastering more. That’s the power of starting small. Subscribe to the Japanese Word of the Day below!

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4. New! Free iBook for the iPad & Mac – Japanese Word Power 101
What are the 101 most commonly used words in Japanese? You should know them. If you don’t, grab this free iBook for the iPad or Mac. Our Japanese teachers did the research, hand-picked the top Japanese words and put this book together. You’ll learn the words through 11 easy chapters along with audio pronunciations, sample phrases and sentences.

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To Bundling Up for the Winter,

Team JapanesePod101

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