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Learn Japanese - How do you type an unfamiliar kanji? (Forum Spotlight)

Welcome to Forum Spotlight! Here we’ll be introducing interesting and useful posts made by members at our very own JapanesePod101.com Forum. This week’s forum spotlight post is a question asked by watermen about how to go about typing a kanji that you don’t know the pronunciation for. We chose the answer given by Belton for this week’s Forum Spotlight post. If you need help with how to look up kanji , you’ll find some answers here!
How do you type a kanji that you don’t know how to pronounce?

You can look it up, and then re-write it or copy and paste.

Online Tools:
This site has a nice interface and multi-radical lookup.

There is a handwriting recognition tool at

Offline Tools:
This is a standalone dictionary reader for the Mac that has a good kanji search interface and also a crude way of writing the kanji for lookup as well.

In Mac OSX 10.5 the Character Pallette (turned on in the “International” System preference pane — Input menu) if you choose “View: Japanese, by Radical” it will let you visually search by stroke count and radical like a paper dictionary.

Thank you Belton for the answer!

You can find a lot more useful information like this at the JapanesePod101.com Forum, so stop by and join in the many discussions with fellow listeners and the JPOD101 crew!

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