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Japanese Learning Apps for the Android, iPhone & iPad

Innovative Language 101 for Android, iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire

Learn Japanese on the Go with 100s of Lessons!

Want to learn Japanese anywhere, anytime? Whether you're new to JapanesePod101 or have been studying with us for years, this app will get you speaking Japanese from the very first lesson. You get access to 100s of audio and video lessons made by real teachers, lesson notes, learning tools and more. Download the app for FREE and log in with your existing username and password.

“This is the first time a language app + subscription has taught real language rather than disconnected theme-related vocabulary. (And this praise is from an experienced language teacher!)”

Daily Dose of Language for the Android, iPhone & iPad

Learn Japanese easily with FREE, daily lessons

You’ll learn Japanese in minutes a day, every day, guaranteed. Every day, you’ll get a new mini-lesson and learn new phrases, slang, vocabulary, cultural points and more. Want to learn even more? Get access to 365 days of Japanese learning. FULL library of 365 mini-lessons and bonus lessons on any browser or mobile device.

“It's fun learning a little Japanese every day and it's completely free, you can't beat that.”

WordPower Japanese for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android & Windows 8

Learn 4,000+ Japanese Words & Phrases Fast!

According to the experts, "A vocabulary of 1,500 words is enough to comfortably participate in everyday conversations." With WordPower, you rapidly master 4,000 of the Most Frequently Used Words and Phrases in the Japanese language on your device! Learn essential Japanese vocabulary and phrases related to shopping, going to the doctor, travel, technology, weather and much more!

Also, check out the Free WordPower Lite for iOS and the Free WordPower Lite for Android - Learn 200+ words, get the Japanese Word of the Day and Access Free Lessons at You can also get a free trial of WordPower Japanese for Windows 8 from the Windows Store.

“The app has a wide variety of ways to learn. In 4 years of working on Japanese this is the best I've found.”