18. Basic Sentence Patterns

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Grammar: Function:
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Posting in Japanese? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.

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Let’s try to make a sample sentence with this basic sentence structure you learned in this lesson!

avatar JapanesePod101.com

Savannah san,
Your sentences are perfect. :thumbsup:
Yuki 由紀

avatar Savannah

Kore wa enpitsu desu.
Are wa neko desu.
Sore wa ichigo desu.

avatar JapanesePod101.com

Chase-san konnichiwa,

Thank you for your comment.
Good catch. :open_mouth:
I’m not sure his specific name but it’s one of the common sculpture, called as “Niōzō.”.
Temples usually have big gates and in the inside of the both post, this kind of Niōzō are standing.
The most famous one is “Kongōrikishi.”
You can read about it on Advanced Audio Blog Season 6 Lesson 21.

Hope this helps,
Team JapanesePod101.com

avatar Chase

was that monster in the last scene a AOT reference?

avatar JapanesePod101.com

Osamu san,
Konnchiwa. :smile:
Thank you for your post.
Yuki 由紀
Team JapanesePod101.com

avatar Osamu

lol xD

avatar JapanesePod101.com

Konnichiwa. :smile:
Your sentences are perfect!
Yuki 由紀
Team JapanesePod101.com

avatar MONCOR


Kore wa enpitsu desu.
Sore wa nooto desu.
Are wa Fuji-san desu.

avatar JapanesePod101.com

Ana san,
Konnichiwa. :smile:
Thank you for your positive feedback.
On behalf of Hiroko sensei, ‘you are welcome.’
Yuki  由紀
Team JapanesePod101.com

avatar Ana

Kon’nichiwa, Hiroko sensei. :smile:

I love your lessons! It makes learn japanese easier than i expect.

And that part of “Sare wa oni desu” “That’s a monster! :smiling_imp::laughing: